Esterhazy cake

"Just a quick thank you for the delicious cake you made for us, it was the star of the Christmas lunch!"

""I like the Esterhazy more and more, I think it's starting to taste even better. I'm so glad I could freeze it! Today when I ate smaller pieces, I realized that even just a small "cube" is enough to satisfy craving. The cakes sound expensive maybe but in reality, the taste is amazing and once you realize how amazing each bite is, you understand that probably one cake can last for a long long time, eating slowly small pieces from the freezer every few days or maybe a slice per week.
You've trapped me.""

Indulge in our rich and creamy gluten-free Esterhazy cake, made with six layers of almond meringue and topped with a delectable chocolate glaze. Perfect for those who love the nutty flavor of almonds, this cake will be a surefire hit.

Keep it in the fridge for the best flavor and texture, and experience a guilt-free treat that's both delicious and healthy. So why wait? Treat yourself today to the indulgent flavor of our gluten-free Esterhazy cake!
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