Varenyky aka pierogi with stewed cabbage and mushrooms

Treat yourself to a comforting and delicious meal with Ukrainian Bakery's varenyky with stewed cabbage and mushrooms. Our varenyky are made with high-quality ingredients and feature a perfect blend of stewed cabbage and earthy mushrooms, creating a savory and satisfying taste.

Each varenyky is hand-made, ensuring the perfect texture and flavor, and then quickly frozen to lock in all the goodness. Simply cook them according to the instructions, and enjoy a hearty and filling meal in minutes.

Our varenyky with stewed cabbage and mushrooms are the perfect option for a busy weeknight dinner or for a comforting Sunday brunch. And because they're made with natural ingredients, you can feel good about what you're eating, too.

Order now and experience the taste of traditional Ukrainian cuisine from the comfort of your own home.
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