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Step into the enchanting world of the holiday season with our handcrafted Advent cookies—little treasures that promise to sweeten your days as you count down to Christmas!

Each of our delightful cookies is a small, delectable masterpiece, measuring approximately 4 cm in size. The magic is in the details, with 24 unique cookies, each adorned with intricate, colorful royal icing. No two cookies are alike, making every day a delightful surprise.

Why choose our Advent cookies?
✨ Handcrafted with Love: These cookies are made with heartfelt care, ensuring they're as beautiful as they are delicious.
✨ Made with real butter and honey, our high-quality ingredients deliver a rich and indulgent flavor that captures the essence of the season.
✨ Long shelf life: expertly baked for a long shelf life, so you can savor the joy of the season throughout December.
✨ Perfect for gifting: our Advent cookies are a unique and delightful gift for loved ones or colleagues. They're a wonderful way to share the festive spirit.

Special box with perforated windows:
Our Advent cookies come in a unique box with 24 individually numbered windows. Behind each perforated window awaits a delectable cookie, making each day leading up to Christmas extra sweet.

Nationwide delivery and collection options:
You can have your Advent cookies delivered to your doorstep, with shipping options available at courier prices. If you're in the Strand area, you also have the convenience of collecting your order on the 25th of November.

Preorder your Advent cookies now and secure a box of these sweet treasures. As you enjoy the rich flavors and admire the colorful designs, you'll be reminded of the magic of the season. Order today and savor the joy of the holidays, one delicious cookie at a time!

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