Christmas cookies, XL set

Our Christmas cookies are a masterpiece of flavor and design, each crafted with love and precision.

✨ Made with Honey and Butter: crafted from high-quality ingredients, including honey and butter, these cookies have a rich and indulgent flavor that embodies the spirit of the season.
✨ Extended Shelf Life: expertly baked to have a long shelf life, so you can enjoy their deliciousness throughout the holiday season.
✨ 20 Different Shapes, Sizes, and Designs: our cookies come in a variety of delightful shapes and designs, from adorable elves and jolly Santas to charming snowmen, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and gingerbread people. Each one is hand-decorated and a work of art.
✨ Topped with Royal Icing: the crowning touch is the intricate royal icing, adding a burst of vibrant colors to these delightful creations. The designs are as varied as they are charming.
✨ Beautifully Boxed for Gifting: our Christmas cookies come in a beautiful box, making them a perfect and thoughtful gift for family, friends, or colleagues. These treats capture the essence of the season and add a delightful touch to your festive gifting.

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